Lyn ColmanLyn Colman - Churchwarden

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Catherine LynchCatherine Lynch - Churchwarden

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Chris ClevettChris Clevett - Parish Administrator/PCC Secretary

I was born in Plymouth, Devon in 1956 and have lived there all of my life (Well, it is a lovely part of the country!).  In 2013 my job with Lloyds Wealth Management brought myself and my husband, Steve, to Hedge End.  There was also another underlying reason ......  our daughter, son-in-law and 3 lovely grandchildren (7, 5 and 3) live in Botley.  We had thought of moving previously, but my job was the catalyst that started the ball rolling. I decided to take redundancy from the Bank at the end of 2014 and was looking for a part-time role, where I could also spend more time with family; hence my role at St. Johns Parish Office.

My husband and I enjoy caravanning in the UK and France & are members of the Caravan Club. We also love walking and photography, often spending weekends away exploring the English countryside and various National Trust properties – we have already visited a few in the surrounding area!

I am keen to become a part of the local community and feel that this role will certainly help me to achieve this.

I look forward to meeting some of you in due course.

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Sue GarveySue Garvey - Head Server

Sue was born in south-east London into a Catholic family and when she married Terry they moved to a small village near Chelmsford in Essex.  The Church of England there was very much a part of village life. Sue became very involved in the local church and when she left work to have her children, both girls were baptised in the local Church in the village where they worshiped.  In 1984 her husband’s job brought us to Hedge End. 

Sue soon became a member of St John’s Church, serving on the PCC, the social committee and taking on the role of Child Protection Officer. Both her daughters attended the Sunday school and then confirmation classes, Sarah became a member of the girls’ choir. It was with great joy that Sue’s brother, who had also joined the Church of England, first becoming a Reader then a Vicar, married both her daughters and recently baptised both her grandchildren in St John’s. She is presently Head Server for the 0945 service.

Outside of her church life, she is interested in many crafts, including lacemaking, beading, card making and quilting. She was also involved in making the banners that the Southampton Quilters made for the church.

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Roy HogbenRoy Hogben - Reader Emeritus

Roy was born in Hampstead, London in 1935 and educated at The Dersingham School NW London, after which he worked in general business environments in various capacities. He married Jannie in 1962 and moved to Hedge End as the area manager for Litton Industries, Southampton. In 1976 Roy started his own business and opened his first shop, supplying office equipment, furniture and art materials.

He became a convinced Christian in 1982 after a family tragedy and was baptised and confirmed in 1983. In 1995, after three years training, Roy was licensed as a Reader. He retired from business in 2000.

In his capacity as a Reader at St: John's, among other things, he led the monthly Prayer Group and regular Bible Study groups for some seven years. In 2001 he initiated the annual Holocaust Memorial Service and in 2007 the annual Persecuted Church service. Additionally he has maintained our ministry link with Bonhomie House care home for over 14 years.

Roy became Reader Emeritus in 2011.

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