Mariam AtugonzaMariam Atugonza Sponsorship

Mariam is four years old and is sponsored by all of us through Action Aid

We have a new letter from her; she is in a nursery class and is learning to write numerals and letters. Mariam likes to draw and is considered a bright child. She lives with her mother and father, the family are Christians, and Mariam can say her prayers. I have sent a card and letter to Mariam from all of us.

Thank you so much for supporting her, it makes the world of difference - Mary Leahy

Wonderful news!

We have been able to send ACTION AID £300 as an extra payment. Mariam & her community will now benefit even more from your generous support. I will try to find out for you what the money will be spent on. We continue to send a monthly amount of £26.30, increased each year by the rate of inflation. Your regular giving to Mariam means ACTION AID can make plans for the future and provide basic things that we all take for granted. If you would like to write to Mariam let me know but do not include your address. I will then post any mail you give to me. Together, we have and are, making a difference. Thank you - Mary.

Mariam Atugonza and Family

Mariam with her mother, grandmother and father

Here is the latest Community Newsletter from

Child Sponsorship in Masindi, Uganda - December 2011

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