All creatures great and small - Photos taken within the Wildlife and Peace Garden

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Empty case of a dragonfly on a water reed - once a larva in the pond! Beetle with his shining armour Dew drenched spider's web
A beautiful black spider on Russ's red T-shirt A Meadow Brown butterfly A friendly newt
Froggy goes a swimming.       Fly Agaric fungus Benji - was always there with Muriel - eating Den's penguin bar!
Reflection of Spire in frogspawn - filled pond. Ragged robins, birdsfoot trefoil, marguerites & buttercups.  Fungi.
A slowworm - found in the compost bin. Dragon fly on the rail of the boardwalk. A newt found pond dipping - and gently returned.(3966a)
2 pond skaters - they skim across the water. (3966b) A dragonfly larva - they take 3 years to grow to maturity. Weeding in the carpark (4740)
Waiting by the water butt to fill a watering can (4741a) Trimming the laural hedge (4742) Surveying the pond (4745)
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