We often glance at the stained glass windows in our churches, but do we really look at the incredible details that they contain?

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Baptism of Christ Window01 Full Baptism of Christ Window02 Detail - The Baptism Baptism of Christ Window03 Detail - John the Baptist
Baptism of Christ Window04 Detail - Holy Spirit Descending Baptism of Christ Window05 Detail - Reed Detail Transfiguration Window01 Full
Transfiguration Window02 Detail -  Christ Transfiguration Window03 Detail - Moses Transfiguration Window04 Detail - Elijah
Good Friday Window01 Full Good Friday Window02 Detail - Mary Weeping Good Friday Window03 Detail - John Weeping
Easter Sunday Window01 Full Easter Sunday Window02 Detail -  Angel and Women Easter Sunday Window02 Detail -  Mary Magdelene
Ascension Window01 Full Ascension Window02 Detail - Christ Ascending Ascension Window03 Detail - Christ Ascending
Ascension Window04 Detail - Disciples Ascension Window05 Detail - Disciples Ascension Window06 Detail - Disciples
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